Jones Plantation-


It took me half of my adult life to heal from the vicious abuse I suffered during my childhood. My children indirectly suffered because I neglect them, not understanding I had serious PTSD, from being raped, beaten and mentally abused by parents. It was very easy to confuse “love” when I had only received unconditional “love” from my grandmother “Mattie” & “Aunt Lucy Mae”. When I began my healing process, I left my husband for 8 months and took the time for me, no restrictions, no why do you have to do it like that. I choose to heal.

I saw this awesome island of paradise located in Miami, when entered behind the walls, it felt tropical, spiritual, its energy was Awesome. A place like this could heal children, adults, families. It can give them their voices back.

I’m asking for your help, I’m raising money to purchase and operate Jones Plantation. Their will be no other in the world like it. It has animals, a creek which runs into the Everglades, tranquility and the resources needed for people to heal from rape,abuse, domestic violence, sexual crimes against people.

Donate what you can, every dollar will and does matter.Donate to http://www.gofundme.com/JonesPlantation

Blessings Lateresa 1 of those kids who THRIVES


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