The Real Truth “childabuse”

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April is Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month

Too many people continue to ignore the effects of abuse. It’s justified for a soldier with PTSD to shoot as many people as possible, and we find a way to say, “It’s OK”. Abuse has the same effects that are carried into adulthood. Many victims, continue to be victimized or become the abuser when the affects of mental illness are not treated. Far to many of our kids are committing suicide, because they feel they have no way out, better yet, NO ONE LISTENS. We are a society that continues to keep secrets and by any LIE necessary you will protect the abuser in families, in court, in schools, in churches. Every year, the same time April, many march on Washignton, DC and other cities around the country, demanding laws change to protect our kids, the future.

Voters, it’s time you stood up and ask the questions to the candidates your putting in ANY office, have you ever hit your wife, your partner, your companion? How do you feel about women, gay people, you will learn a lot about their moral character, that dictates how they will address and continue to vote on humanitarian issues.

Lateresa Jones

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