Rape,Neglect, beatings and death


Miami Herald ***** 5 Stars for such a wonderful I-TEAM Investigation CHILDREN or Families: Which take priority?

From the eyes and heart of one of those kids, I say to you, keep talking about it, talking about it, talking about it. March with us April 5, 2014 for Child Abuse Prevention

Demand society and Family and Children services to approach the situation with a REALISTIC view of helping as many children as possible, the workers are educated but not trained from a victims prospective to help the children.

I went to a Detroit’s Mayor’s Task force (Mayor Dave Bing) on Child Abuse meeting in Detroit, Michigan. As an adult survivor, they made me feel, I didn’t matter and because they were college educated, they had better solutions, these women, who were raised under the ideology of a man leads, reflected that behavior in their attitudes. This angered me, how the fuck can you help kids like me, when you can’t even listen or communicate with an adult survivor like ME.

Children Services case workers around the country must be able to listen. That is where you will find the solutions to help the kids and families. They are looking at it WRONG! I read this morning CBS 7 Florida is offering parents resources to educate themselves on who they leave their children with. WRONG dumb-ass! How about I slap the fucking shit out of everyone on that board that continues to pacify us with actions that will bring about close to little or no change. The reality, the children involved in the system are only a small fraction of abused, neglected and murdered children. The 477 children the Miami Herald mentioned are cases accountable for, the silenced children victims to parents, girlfriends/boyfriends not known.

Adam Lanza- all the signs of an abused child,by his MOTHER. Yeah, my opinion but I SEE what you choose not to.
Keiosha Felix- A young lady in the care of Louisiana Family & Children Services, the state made this young lady go to her aunts house, were the aunts boyfriend was raping her on a regular basis, the aunt denied the allegations, Keiosha was in the care of Family and Children Services. They ignored her. Keiosha gave birth to a child, who is now in the custody of family and children services, Keiosha ran away and has been missing 2 years in April.

Rios the woman that jumped out of her car and began fighting a CHILD in Hialeah, another case of child abuse.

April is child abuse awareness and prevention month, no one has registered a walk in Miami, nor Tallahassee, and you say you care? When do you stop turning the other cheek and stand up for CHANGE? Who is going to sign up: http://www.mmaca.us/

You want real solutions, let’s talk!

Lateresa Jones

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