Dave Herman~Cyber Pedophiler

Dave Herman:

Dave developed quite a fan base as a popular DJ and “Rock And Roll Morning Show” host from 1972-1998. Fans were absolutely shocked that the DJ that introduced them to their favorite tunes could have been involved in child trafficking, cyber rape and the ability to negotiate money for sexual favors to a minor.

Food for thought, as Dave spun those records that made you feel good, he was on the internet, jerking off to a picture of somebody’s child. Lusting, craving creating a sexual appetite for KIDS. How many more will their be? I can only imagine how many children he has raped in St. Croix or any other island he traveled. Grateful criminals are being held accountable for there actions regardless of where in the world they are. Good job Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Your actions of consistence are what we need more of before these people damages a child’s life.


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