Cellphones Don’t keep Kids Safe!

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You think because your young child has a cellphone it makes them safer?

NO it does not. 68% of child abusers are family members,they would have access to your child’s telephone number. We can’t make it easy for abusers to call our kids on the telephone and coherence them into meeting them somewhere, or telling them their whereabouts. We can’t allow them to call our kids cellphones and tell the person that the child is with that the parent says it’s ok for them to pick-up your child.

At all times you must enforce safety precautions to protect our kids.
1. If your child says a relative called them and asked to meet with your child, this is a red flag.
2. If a family member calls and ask if your child can come and play, and you say NO and they call the child’s cellphone and tell the adult the child is with it’s ok to pick them up. BLACK FLAG.

3. Block and control your child accessing internet sites that you have not approved.
4. Check your kids cellphone activity randomly, cyber-rapist are lurking and looking for your child.

Keep Our Kids safe
Lateresa Jones


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