The Real “truth” Run Darren Sharper& Aaron Hernandez

Darren Sharper200px-Aaron_Hernandez_croppedweiner

Run Darren Run, Run Aaron Run the world loved to see you run that ball across the field. They hated your mental state is totally imbalanced. Your a perfect example of “mental illness” at it’s best. Your the perfect example of why we don’t want our daughters dating people, society puts on a pedestal and states your great role models because you have been chosen to entertain the world by your exceptional athletic abilities. You made millions of dollars, you are picture sexy, you were given the keys to illegal activity all around the country.

Darren I can only imagine the number of women you have drugged and raped. Victims loose their voice, especially when society puts the blame on them for hanging out with you. Society makes them feel they have done something wrong, when the only thing they have done wrong was befriend a rapist.

Aaron your thugging criminal life has caught up with you or deep down in the inside you wanted to be caught. I’m most certain you ran around with an ego bigger than life itself. Mentally feeling you fueled the illegal gang activity and no-one, I mean no one could bring you DOWN.

We know how deep the problem of mental illness is. You 2 are such a small example of a problem that many people face on a daily basis and will not be detected, we don’t pay attention.

Blessings to the victims allow yourselves to heal. Apologizing for America spitting on you.


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