Lil Wayne Owes $12 Million in Back Taxes



Do you want to go back to jail? I’m most certain the IRS would not have a problem with sending you to the big house. We all learned early in life, the IRS is GOD to business people. The history of bad accountants tend to follow those that don’t pay attention to the golden rule, SIGN YOUR OWN CHECKS. Pay attention and don’t take it for granted, that you will not run out of money.

It saddens many that the abuse of money in America is like the negligence we portray in throwing food away. Contact Olympic Star Accounting and speak with Jayson Jones, he can help you. He wants your business and would take better care of your finances than you do.

Learning the lessons in life, you should have learned a long time ago,ask Snoop.

Lil Wayne Owes $12 Million in Back Taxes

Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/black-pop-daily-lil-wayne-owes-uncle-sam-122#ixzz2vWxYw6i9
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Blessings to better business sense


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