Darren Sharper- VICTIM #12

Darren Sharperjamie sharper

Former NFL safety and NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper was given the green light to rape women around the United States of America,because he was handsome, cheered by America and wealthy. Las Vegas, Nevada,2005 a young 25 year old woman was in the company of Darren Sharper, Jamie Sharper and four other male friends and two other young women. One of those young women considered a friend to Jamie Sharper, who met the brothers in 2002, in Miami. For the two young women it was to be a wonderful party weekend in Las Vegas. They arrived into town and the parting began, Darren was the man of the night,he would go to the bar and purchase the alcohol, return to the table and serve the crew. The night went on, Darren continued to purchase the alcohol and serve the crew. 1 of the young ladies began feeling “FREE”, behaving totally out of character. The last thing she remembered, waking up on the couch in Darren’s suite and Darren Sharper on top of her, raping her. She stated, she began hitting on him,screaming for help, he then got up, “with a smile” on his face. She looked around and saw one of the male friends who had been parting with them on the couch passed out. The other young lady, her so-called friend was coming out of the bedroom,where she had freely fucked Darren, and was angry with her because she was screaming and hollering he had raped her. The friend did nothing she had consensual sex with Darren and he was raping her friend immediately afterwards. The young lady, ran out the door not understanding what had happened to her, as she exited the suite she began asking the staff where she was, they told her, she didn’t remember. At this point she called another friend to come and help her.

I met with this young lady tonight, she cried,I cried, we hugged, we cried and continued to cry. I told her, I would not disclose who she is. 7-8 people were a part of the crew, only 2 believed her until now. Sadly, victims are continued to be victimized in our society. Dig into Darren’s background, find out the core issue this young man has, so we can begin helping others, victims and rapist.

The young lady learned the value of friendship, their were 7 people in that crew that night, only 2 believed her story at the time. Those that she told her story to text and call, you were telling the truth. America you must take responsibility for the devalue of women, devalue of SEX you have allowed in this country.

Darren Sharper was given the keys to America, rape who you want, FUCK who you want, we will validate your actions.

Lateresa Jones


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