Murdered on Valentines

21414Barry University

Gladys Ricart, 39, and so many others have been killed by ex-lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, domestic violence! Many celebrate love this weekend, while many continue to suffer in silence. When you feel you have escaped living with the devil and your life is finally moving forward, that bastard comes hard, with malice and intention of leaving the mark of wrath. It eats the flesh of the beast to famine the thought, “you are happy”. The fact to many means your happy with someone else and not that person, the reality your just in a happy place your abuser does not want you to be in.

Families and friends continue to tell you, he/she is moving on with their lives. You continue to say, “I gotta feeling”, they tell you forget about it, they tell you, your paranoid, they continue to erase all your validation of reality. You know better than anyone else. Finally, the devil attacks, you now become a statistic, families shed tears, your children are in pain.

Don’t stop living, follow your intuition. You deserve to LIVE ON!

Lateresa Jones


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