Ebony-February 2014 Black Love

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It’s awesome to be featured amongst socities successful couples. My husband and I are grateful. You can read what we do to keep our relationship healthy on page 92 in the Ebony Magazine, February, 2014 issue. You see, you don’t have to be a superstar to have or find real LOVE.

I met my husband at a Race Track Gas station, located in Rivera Beach, Florida on I-95 and 45th Street. I was on my way home and looked at the gas tank, I knew, I would not make it home to meet my kids when they got off the schoolbus. I pulled in the gas station, and prayed, “OK God, who do I ask to borrow a few dollars for gas?” I looked over and saw this man at a payphone. I drove over to him and said, “Sir, I’m not a bum, I don’t have enough gas to make it home to my children, can I borrow a few dollars for gas?When I get paid on Friday, I will pay you back.” He looked at me, told me to pull up to the gas pump, I did. He paid for me some gas. Before we parted, I asked for his telephone number so I could pay him back. He said, ok.

I called him on Friday, when I got paid. He said, “Instead of paying me back, let’s go out for dinner” we did. We married 18 months later. We have been successfully married, 9 years.

Lateresa Jones


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