Ebony Magazine-February 2014 Miami Heat

Ebony 2014


I had the wonderful opportunity to share a ritual my husband and I share on a daily basis, in Ebony. Our story is featured on page 92. Pick up your copy. Ebony is a magazine that has shown many Black Americans how beautiful we are. To share and celebrate Black Love with 10 of the hottest couples: Lebron + Savannah, Ciara + Future, Steve & Marjorie Harvey, Carmelo + La La. To have the opportunity to express , love in a positive way is AWESOME.

The February issue also contains a section relating to what’s next in Politics and Civil Rights, The new class of Thought Leaders who are Outspoken. Joy-Ann Reid, Lorraine Miller, Cory Booker, Mychal Denzil Smith, L Joy Williams, Melissa Harris-Perry, Goldie Taylor, Rashad Robinson, Elon James White.

The February issue says ” CHANGE IS HERE” we are not taking hostages, only recruiting soldiers to move us into the future, creating the change we want to see in the world.

Pick Up your issue, CHANGE IS HERE. Thank-you Ebony for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful change we will build together.

Lateresa Jones


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