The Real Truth Kenny Anderson & Lil Wayne

wayneDec 11,2013 012

Not Hoes but Victims of ABUSE

Women who are victims of sexual abuse are sexually active during adolescence. Men that have been victims of abuse are also sexually active. It is not uncommon for those that are coping with the past abuse becoming dependent upon alcohol and/or drugs. Society has been so unfair to male victims. It was a big up’s for a man to have sex early in life and the women be older, it was the ego that has said it’s okay for women to abuse our boys and society call it okay. Realty the effects on men that are abused as youth by older women are unstable in relationships, sexually over active. Men that are victims of abuse suffer the same trauma. Society needs to readjust how it deals with children who they feel are acting out, children that reach out for someone to talk to and you say be quiet. We must stop ignoring the signs and the long term effects of abuse on our boys, regardless if the abuser is a woman or man. Such cowards to laugh when Lil Wayne said he was raped by an older woman. So sad you continue to taunt Kenny Anderson because he is still healing from the abuse. Be the example for all children, when society alienates people in the public eye you send the message to our youth, DO NOT TALK ABOUT your abuse, we don’t care to hear it.



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