The Real Truth Dwayne Wade & Gabriel Union


Planned Parenthood

Athletes date the same women, ever think they are put in a pool after being tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Blood test taken and genetics are in tact in order to enter the pool of women who are chosen by the highest paid athletes in the country to become professional associates. Once you have been properly screened, you then are available to be a girlfriend, and if your genetic traits are in place you will be the vessel used to become impregnated to carry the athletes child/ren. This is a contract to legally be on call at their dispose. In return you receive endorsement rights and monetary gains to help maintain the lifestyle. This same theory works for the LB-GT also.

Dwayne Wade & Gabriel Union, she hypothetically speaking does not want to birth children, and agreed to allow Wade to impregnate the associate. Wade will have custody of the child, pay all the bills including health care (affordable health care act)the associate will have a 5 figure income.



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