Colorado vs. Drug Cartel


Colorado has legalized marijuana for health reasons and fun reasons. Allowing people in the state to purchase weed. As CNN has reported, sales are skyrocketing and people are waiting in long lines to get their legal supply and PAY Uncle Sam his taxes. Colorado will not have a deficit for years to come, the people have spoken. The government needs to decriminalize marijuana that would free up a lot of jail space for real criminals. Colorado and the United States government in 2014 are meeting the equation of every great business person, supply x demand = PROFIT. This allows small businesses to open and grow within the United States. This WILL slow down the drug cartels trafficking marijuana into the US, it sends the message, WE will supply our people. Street dealers will be able to go and purchase their products legally and resale to the public, maybe at a higher price, because they will not charge the taxes due the government, hope you realize it’s another way for Uncle Sam to charge you with tax invasion on a lower scale, but a federal crime. The kids, here in Florida at Miami Children’s hospital 90% of the children who come in emergency test positive for smoking pot.



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