The real truth death in America

IMG_20130716_191357 (1)marissa alexandermandela

It takes Death for us to WAKE UP

America have we become accustomed to being victimized before we re-act to injustices to people? Trayvonn Martin was murdered, many feel it was a great injustice and George Zimmerman walked away “free”. Sadly, Trayvonn was not the last to be murdered. Many families are being plagued by viscous murders in many communities in America. How do we pick the cases we vigilantly stand for, we create mass movements and then STOP! Marissa Alexander, a woman jailed due to the circumstances, her then attorneys decided to build her case on “Stand your ground”, Marissa was found guilty for shooting a warning shot to defend herself against her abusive husband, A known abuser who then received custody of their child. Now, she awaits a new trail in 2014.

Two cases, what about the masses?In order to help the masses we must register and vote in our communities in America. When you America start voting on a persons morals we will see a great change in America and it will spread to changing the world.

Nelson Mandela, a man that was jailed for 27 years, and became South Africa’s first black president and obtained a constitution, the right for ALL to vote in South Africa. Morals need I say more. It’s time America, we must change how we choose people to represent us in politics start NOW.


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