The Real Truth in Miami Beach, FL

texas to florida 278levine

Miami Beach, Florida “CHANGE” has come in 2013

Miami Beach, a place I call home has a new face; it’s called the Commissioners Michael Grieco, Joy Malakoff, Micky Steinberg and Mayor Philip Levine, the new governing body of the city of Miami Beach a diverse government that is made up of people from all walks of life,this type of new government represents what America has been built on. To many the place known as the “American Rivera”. Miami Beach has had a long history in its past of racism, especially with Black Americans who would work on Miami Beach and have to be off the island by 7 p.m. To many Black Floridians, the history of racism continued well into the past governing body of a completely Hispanic run government. For, Decades the minorities have not had fair representation in Miami Beach under the past governing body. The underlying issues of racism had been created and practiced by the Hispanic population of Caste llano Cubans which had an ugly face of racism for decades. Amazing, how the Caste llano Cubans discriminate against the Afro-Cubans, Black Americans, brown skinned Hispanics in the community and have practiced racism in a country that invited them here as we have many other immigrants,you had demanded and dictated the practice of changing the primary language in City government to Spanish. You have mistreated the city workers and all others of color. It blows me away that the Miami Herald has the audacity to state a population of 53% Hispanics have no representation on the new Commission. That comment speaks loud and clear, of those 53% Hispanics the Miami Herald speaks of, many of them must not be American citizens with the RIGHT to vote, the OTHER population of registered voters (American Indians, Asian/Pacific Islander,Black, not Hispanic,Hispanic, White not Hispanics) have spoken we have the power to dictate our ruling body of government in America and it is a VOTE. Miami Beach has a diverse community, people from all walks of life, 20 years ago it was nothing; today the location, people,residences and businesses have grown into an International business city, we now have a business man elected to take it to the levels of positive growth, with diversity, with LOVE for the good of ALL people. The energy in the city has been positive,the expectations are high, as a community we will all work together to make Miami Beach the city known as the American Rivera and the city of “CHANGE”.

Lateresa Jones
Loving being a part of “CHANGE”


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