Minnesota Republican Party-Stupid, Ignorant & KILLING Themselves not US

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Tea Party is purposely destroying Republican Party

Racial issues are the topic of conversation on a daily basis, the very conversation that divides the country of Black and White ; generations of angry Americans whose ancestors have made decisions in the past that has wronged this country and no one, not even the CURRENT elected officials know how to confront it and integrate conversation of change, you display your emotions on your shoulders. Desperation shows in these poor choices of advertisement by the party or is the TEAPARTY purposely destroying the Republican Party? The decisions take away credibility of the party and gives you a face of racist. Currently, the party will never be able to come to the table and get respect for the party with this behavior. Most blacks in the party feel the divide let the truth be told in conversation blacks within the party, feel it would put the country back 30 years if a republican president was to take office in 2016. How dare you continue to ignore our thoughts, our opinions in decision making choices. You bring people like Ben Carson and Herman Cain to the table who are labeled in the Black community Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemimas, Step-and-Fetchits, Oreos, Turncoats, or whatever, these servile Blacks are selling out is the thought of many blacks. You better get the house in order, or deal with the emotional voter consequences. I cannot imagine this country crossing over to a complete socialist society, due to selfish, poor decisions of people in the party. If you do not correct the problem, you will see Texas become blue, Florida a state with more registered democrat voters, 2 million Independents can easily become blue, get the picture.

Lateresa Jones
Candidate for US Senate 2016


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