Socialism increases Crime

bth_lots-o-guns_zps7f4fb78fIMG_20130716_191357 (1)

A community at large, allows unlawful illegal acts against humans, which controls and dictates the quality of life in a community. We then ghettoize the community in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure. The term was originally used in Venice to describe the part of a city to which Jews were restricted and segregated. Crimes in most inner cities, go un addressed by the communities because we do not set the expectation of non-tolerance. They feel the answer is police intervention until you put a black face on the police, he now is the enemy, you teach your children to fear the police, they are your enemy until someone violates you. Socialism advocates government ownership and no community distribution of empowerment. Communities can not continue to hand over responsibility of crime intervention to the government, they must take responsibility for their own actions, breaking the law is breaking the law to have a double standard is dangerous as it creates ghettos, environment’s of FEAR; you cannot be a consumer of illegal goods. You must get involved and take responsibility for creating effective crime watches, safe houses for children in dangerous situations, you must get to know your neighbor and become your communities keeper. Being a consumer of illegal goods such as guns , illegal drugs, stolen property only fuels the criminal activities in communities. It spreads like cancer, you then live in the fear in which you have created and participated in by choosing not to achieve the status of a viable community participant. To grow means to take responsibility for your ethical and moral practices in your homes, in schools, in your community. Allow the growth of yourself, which will allow good deeds to show in communities; allowing small businesses to open, charter schools, and community involvement. It only takes 1.

Lateresa Jones
Candidate for United States Senate


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