Black face vs. White face

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Are Black Americans and White Americans (Caucasian-non Hispanic) just pissed off because of our history?

I would agree America is black or white, regardless of the number of Hispanics, Asians and other races of people;It concerns me that we are creating an angry culture utilizing a black vs. white face. The decision makers are either black Americans or white (Caucasian non-Hispanic) Americans. Turn on any news station, any where in the United States and identify the race of the news staff. Government jobs, City jobs, Municipalities, are occupied by blacks or whites, those of American descendant, with English as a first language.

Look a little deeper and you will find the divide in this country should be about what’s in the best interest of the country, instead it’s about black Americans feel anything the “black president” does, the white Americans will beat down, by any means they feel fit and the Hispanics are being used and thrown under the bus, for no ones good continuing to feed a fire that will continue to burn like a forest fire, spreading quickly and destroy all.

STOP AMERICA! we all know racism exists, we combat it by confronting it in a civilized diplomatic manner, find solutions to resolve it and Integrate strategies into societies day to day living. LEADERSHIP implements this, only if you are an effective leader will this shift happen. Community leaders, this is how you start the dialogue of change, take the stand for creating a better quality of life for all. It starts with us, not the police, GOD forbid congress get involved, we must start the conversation.

Lateresa Jones
SOULutions to heal America
Candidate for United States Senate 2016

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