2016 Chris Christie & Condoleezza Rice President/V.P & Jones Florida US Senate

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Qualities of True Leaders

These are people that give and serve, they have been committed and desire America’s success.

They display Faith in religion, family and friends, and their team of followers which includes but not limited to the United States Citizens, the U.S. Congress & Senate and the President of the United States. They believe in each and every one of them without discrimination.

They have an un-deniable commitment and dedication to America and Americans and our place in the global economy.

They display honesty and integrity to the American people, they LOVE this country.

The team members have unique qualities of leadership and diversity.

Leadership is a skill that must be mastered and shown daily, not only in business but in life in general.

If the GOP is going to move forward in this country, it must redefine it’s position and it’s face within the party. American VOTER’s are the people that each party represent. Democratic party has become cocky and Republican party has the facial expression looking for government “bail-out” while the Independents are organizing pulling voters and contributions from both parties. The practice of Campaign bullying is not a pretty face in this country. The consequences to that Political fiasco, called Government shut-down will show in every upcoming election from 2013 up until 2016. You now must deal with “Mad Ass Americans” The worst nightmare of government since slavery.

Americans LOVE this country, we believe in our country, we DO NOT believe in the capabilities of the current government officials we have put in place. You must sit down and be accountable for “Change” with a much different approach on American Society, what worked for the Good Ole Boys, does not and will not work today. As my grandmother would say, “Don’t let me tell you again!”. When elected officials put the entire country in an up roar because your operating like a speeding train with NO DRIVER or Brakes, passenger casualties will be astronomical.

If the GOP is serious about being real contenders in 2016, sit down at the round table and bring in people that are in the communities that belong to the party and have NO REPRESENTATION, Blacks (most black people don’t consider Herman Cain or Ben Carson representing them as black people or leaders),Hispanics (Marco Rubio does not fairly represent the Afro-Cubans, Ted Cruz represents the Hispanic paper chaser or Malcolm X before Mecca)those are the people that represent the GOP now, old faces with old voices old ideas. LISTEN to the needs of the people. The divide amongst the party is demonstrated in every local office in this country. We need new faces, with new attitudes and progressiveness within the party or you will take your place in the Smithsonian Museum, take some advice from my grandmother, a hard head will indeed become a soft butt.

Lateresa Jones
Candidate for United States Senate 2016


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