When Women RISE

Our United States Government will not SHUT DOWN due to the lack of priorities. When women rise we will take our position in society that belongs to us, women will set the expectation and the standard of growth. Women were taught to take a seat behind the man in most religions. Our history in society has been to follow the men, they are in charge. As our world changes, we must consciously make the decision to make the shift in the world. The civil rights movement was about the equal treatment of people, the underlying hypocritical issues, women were not acknowledged for all the accomplishments they have made to society. We still get paid far less than our male counter parts. In 2013 men have made the decision what is rape and what is not, they have made the decisions of when, and how women should abort a pregnancy. Issues that they (lawmakers, police) contribute to domestic violence, child abuse has not decreased in the United States, it continues to increases, they are now trafficking our children. Music the universal message to the world, continues to display us as bitches, hoes and good to look good, shake our asses and instagram us as nothing to cherish, nothing to respect those actions increases the violence against women and children. Our daughters, grand children will also endure that same ridiculous way of thinking, unless we make the conscious decision of shifting our places in society. Majority of our country decision makers are male, that’s why the country is being compromised to the greatest level of inadequacy it has seen. It has been stated in the beginning Eve encouraged Adam to commit sin, that one single action is the curse of women. When cycles are broken, the action is addressed and it then is corrected. The correction will require women of the United States to rise up and become the leaders we have been created to be. Laws must change, we must collectively put women in positions that represents the good of humanity. Humbling ourselves will be one of the greatest attributes we offer the world as we know it now. Yes, we must choose our battles wisely, I say women stand up, rise to the occasion, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, change is NOW. When 51% of Congress is controlled by women, the greatest change in humanity will begin.


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