TED CRUZ- Can you Impeach a Senator?Recall

Ted Cruz

The most utilized process of removing a State Senator from office is called a recall. While it is often mistakenly referred to as impeachment, the processes differ in that a recall is a political device and while impeachment is a legal procedure. Recalls allow citizens to remove and replace public officials from office before the end of a term.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/how_2093098_impeach-state-senator.html#ixzz2gK96SaPT

How can you fairly make a decision on Immigration reform, when you’re not an US Citizen. Large populations of Illegal Immigrants have a history of entering into the United States illegally and giving birth to a child by default becomes a United States Citizen because they are born in this country.

Ted your parents should have done the paperwork. You were not born in the United States of America, you were born in Canada, your mother carried you into this country if she didn’t know what was required by law, you do/did. Our country need honest people, people who represents the best interest of the American People. ,

Immigration Reform will not happen under this administration of Congress because you ALL lack integrity , principle and no loyalty to the American people. Democrats and Republicans alike are using the American people like puppets on a string, tossing and throwing our futures around like it is nothing. The people have spoken and said WE NEED healthcare, you have yours now it’s screw the people. No more, no more, fire CONGRESS & Senate.

Sick of Nonsense
L.A. Jones


2 thoughts on “TED CRUZ- Can you Impeach a Senator?Recall

  1. i also agree that those in office be it the congress or senate should be held to a standard, where they are to serve the people and not there self interest or those of big bucks industry. I feel it is time that we the people start taking action and initiate proceedings to impeach those in office who are obstructing our rights I think it is time we take action and start a petition to start proceedings to impeach those republicans who time after time keep blocking the president.so if there is a way to start a petition of this magnitude you can count me in. as a matter of fact I will look into this matter today and if I can will start a petition, lets all stand up for our rights and take action to stop all this bullshit in government because we are the people. davidnieves0@gmail.com

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    1. I AGREE. It must be about the American people. That is why I decided to run for US Senate in 2016. Since I have been asked to run as Lt. Governor in the 3014 Florida.s governors race. STAND UP AMERICA, we must take care of Americans.


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