Occupying America’s Land without Permission


Definition of Occupying America without Permission:
Occupying United States of America land (any person) without permission;meaning, expired Visas, arriving illegally in the United States, or being born in another country and never applying for legal paper work to live in the United States.

America invites many people from around the world to study in our country, to work here, to vacation, open a business here , become a citizen in the wonderful United States of America. From the east coast to the west coast,north coast to the south coast, from the top to the bottom. America ask all her citizens and visitors to respect the laws of the Land, we are told, when traveling to visit other countries we are asked to understand the laws of the land you are visiting and be an informed visitor, learn to communicate in the foreign land you are visiting. Our language is English, any part of this great country you will be able to communicate. We have tour guides, many book stores, internet downloads which can provide wonderful translation of our language. Go-green & BUY American.

Visit with us, From the Bottom to the top ; left to the right of the United States of America.

Detroit Raised
American Made


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