Marco Rubio-I’m taking your JOB!

A public servant should be able to take a stand in the best interest for “ALL the People”. To think you are supporting a government shut down that will change the face of this country forever, is appaulding. You don’t understand the American people, due to the lack of experience as a real person. You have millions in the bank, when most people are living paycheck to paycheck just to survivie daily. Your threatening our senior citizens livilihood ,their ability to eat, your playing games with every American, guess what, “EVERYBODY HAS TO EAT” what a dangerous game your playing. Most Americans need Affordable healthcare. This country was built by the hard working hands of many, blood shed, sweat and tears, you just don’t get it. Your leadership continues to display the lack of “LOVE” for this country, for the people, your antics are the same as used when wall street collapsed and we the people paid the cost. Americans must take care of America first!

Enough is enough

Lateresa Jones
Candidate for Florida US Senate 2016


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