The Real truth “Party Switching”


Running as a Republican Candidate

Votes are casted and chosen for many motivating factors in a persons life. My vote dictated by the economy most of the time, if my family is doing well or are we struggling as a family. I voted for President Barack Obama and donated money to his campaign, my motivation: CHANGE! In 2008 most Americans lost homes, retirement monies and kids college education fund. RIGHT NOW, is the time to decide not emotionally, but how do we get our country in order. The decisions must be for the good of the people. I realized, a conservative democrat DOES NOT exsist, somethings government should participate in for the good of the people, some things government should not make a choice in. Today, I follow one of my heroes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and officially announce, I am a republican. I can no longer sit and allow myself be hand feed what I need.

Lateresa Jones

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