The Real Truth in Florida

Trayvon Martin was the catalyst in Florida, to begin a movement of upward mobility and open many conversations, that deal with laws, race and ethnicity, their is a great divide amongst Blacks in Florida. Black Americans feel disrespected by the Haitians, Jamaican’s, any black immigrant. The conversation is always; Black Americans do not take the opportunities available to them. The reality, BLACK AMERICANS had to fight for all those rights you come here and benefit from. You assume the opportunities just appeared, the reality, they have been earned. Black Americans in Florida are angry and misrepresented. Events that I have supported in Florida, in the black communities regarding Trayvon Martin, the speakers, children and women are in attendance, hanging out on the corners were the grown men and young men, selling Trayvon Martin t-shirts, not participating in the events, when in reality your talking about racial profiling that effects each and everyone of them. You don’t stand up for your rights, you should not expect anyone else to. It is alarming when a Black American says, ” I’m Black American”, and other blacks, not American descendant will do everything to fit in the stereotype of being a black American. I see them fighting within themselves, hating black Americans, then fighting to fit in American society because you are BLACK in color, those actions mentally takes away from your true identity. Practicing self-love, allows everyone to be who they are and legally, step into their place in this wonderful country, AMERICA.

SOULutions to HEal America
Lateresa Jones


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