Jalen Rose-Big Ups to YOU!

jalen rose

Jalen Rose, has represented Michigan well and still represents Detroit well. Jalen Rose has given many people the motivation to move forward. Jalen, has given me a new thought on creating Charter schools. They require parents to get involved, to participate in the education of their children. A charter school allows you to contribute to the type of material our children are being taught and redefine how we educate our children. We can teach our children, the endless possibilities of education, not basing public education on the area one lives in or the zip code, parents choosing to educate their children. Sending gratitude and Love your way Jalen. Thanks for giving back to our home, Detroit.

Check out the following events: @ JRLadetroit.com

3rd Annual JRLA Celebrity Golf Outing Presented by H.H. Barnum Company – Monday, September 9th
Detroit News: Jalen Rose 2013 Michiganian of the Year
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Strengthens Management Team
JRLA Facility Expansion Plans



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