Fighting for LOVE

Victims of abuse only want love. I wanted my mothers love, Momma I just wanted you to reach out and hug me, tell me you loved me. Every time he beat you, you would push me away. Momma he beat me, raped me and you still turned away. I was never your baby girl, I was your shield Momma, he beat you, raped me, beat you, raped my sisters. Momma, you still look the other way, turn the other cheek, and share your life with him. I just wanted your love and protection Momma! choices are what have been fought for in this country, some choose, you decided. Mentally, I took a stand and “SHOUTED” to the world, I am a survivor, I choose to “THRIVE” and talk about it, I broke the curse Momma, my children, my grandchildren are in the new paradigm we do “therapy” we have sat the bar, we dissect the past, we come together as a family and talk about everything.

Sending Love For America to Heal

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