Kanye West- Buying Justice


Civil compromise

Kanye, you beat someone up on the street (regardless of occupation) and you have enough money to buy justice and have your criminal charges dropped. We love the messages you send, it’s ok to lose your temper and beat up a human being , you appropriately responded as a “THUG” 1.brutal person: somebody, especially a criminal, who is brutal and violent 2.Indian robber: a member of a former secret organization of robbers in India, worshipers of the goddess Kali, who strangled their victims, violently. Certain your daughter is going to be proud of you, she may even marry a man, just like YOU.

In some states, a court can dismiss a misdemeanor charge if the defendant settles (pays money) to the victim of the crime. This is called a civil compromise of a criminal action. Civil compromise is a type of restorative justice, which allows the parties to craft a resolution that meets their needs. The benefits of civil compromise include:
•compensation to the victim
•quick and efficient resolution of the matter, and
•no criminal record for the defendant

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Lateresa Jones

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