Tattoos, Dreads & Sagging Pants


WAYNE your image is BAD for our youth (old people too)

If President Barack Obama wore dreads and saggy jeans and First Lady Michelle Obama had a tattoo of the kids on her arms and wore her hair in dreads, it would not matter how educated they are, I would vote for Mitt Romney on “GP”.

tat·too [ ta t ] 1.permanent picture or design on skin: a permanent picture, design, or other marking made on the skin by pricking it and staining it with an indelible dye
2.make tattoo on skin: to mark the skin with a tattoo, or form a tattoo on the skin

My point, just because your educated you still must represent yourself in an acceptable manner in the workplace. Athletes are exempt from this conversation (long term effect; Dennis Rod man). An employer would have every right not to hire someone because they have tattoo sleeves on both arms, have piercings all over the body in publicly visual places, sagging pants with a tucked in white tee shirt. What are you thinking? You mamma’s are to old to have tattoos on your ankles, tatted tits hanging well over the drivers lane, cover it up. I couldn’t imagine my grandmother with a tattoo on her 122 year old breast, hanging down to her belly button, touching the belly ring. The more I see, the more I feel we are becoming Romans. Will America fall as hard as the Romans due to the lack of Morals in our society. A society that states “anything goes” is dangerous to the future. TELL SOMEBODY, those tattoos will not get you employed. DREADS, Wayne cut yours, so we will stop seeing young men, old men wearing dreads and thinking they are sexy. I know this is a lot of pressure, but we DO NOT have a society that “thinks for themselves” when it comes to fashion and style.

Conversations to Heal America
Lateresa Jones


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