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South Florida is struggling. CHOOSE YOUR Battles wisely; don’t be so angry, your making decisions that will affect people that care about Trayvon Martin, people who look like him, your confused who this battle is against. Properly challenge ALL laws that are injustices to people. Racial profiling is also geared towards Hispanics, black Hispanics, Jamaican’s, BLACK CUBANS, Haitians, these are the people employed in Florida, you want to take food from these families? UNFAIR. VOTING is where our energies must go. Register people to vote, all over the country, break records.

According to the 2005 census, the racial distributions are as follows; 60.1% White, 17% African-American, 2.1% Asian American, 1.4% others (American Indians), and the remaining 18% are Hispanics or Latino (of any ethnicity or national origin). Florida has one of the largest African-American populations in the country, but ranks the second highest Latino population in the East coast outside of New York state and Florida’s Asian-American population has grown in high rates in the 1990s, the majority being ethnic Chinese, Filipinos and Vietnamese settled in the Gulf Coast. The state has a few federally recognized American Indian tribes, like the Seminoles in the southeastern part of the state.

Florida’s Hispanic population includes large communities of Cuban Americans in Miami (mainly from refugees fleeing the Castro regime) and Tampa, Puerto Ricans in Tampa and Orlando, and Central American and Mexican migrant workers in inland West-Central and South Florida, like the Lake Okeechobee area. The Hispanic community continues to grow more affluent and mobile: between the years of 2000 and 2004, Lee County in Southwest Florida, which is largely suburban in character, had the fastest Hispanic population growth rate of any county in the United States.

Make the battle about “JUSTICE” for people, which makes the world a better place.

Sending hugs & love of Healing America
Lateresa Jones

10 thoughts on “Boycott FLORIDA, STOP IT!

  1. Aren’t those the same baseless arguments but forth before the Birmingham & Montgomery boycotts? In the Birmingham sit ins many people were arrested, beaten, some even died. The Montgomery bus boycott caused the same and some folks lost their jobs. Didn’t ever one survive them & the country emerge with the end of Jim Crow laws?
    Economic power has been the only means civil rights legislation has ever moved forward. If people back then thought like you, we’d still be second class citizens. All blacks have benefited from the courageous efforts of the pass. Why do you think this generation has no obligation to further those efforts & put an end to racially profiled killings?


    1. Economic power, the boycott affected the wallets of those that discriminated against us. They wanted you to pay the same fare, go to the back of the bus and if a White person needed a seat, you gave yours up or you got put off the bus. People organized, car pooled, walked to their destinations. In a state that is suffering how do you propose them feed families if they have no work? My dear friend, my grandmother died 2 years ago at 122 years old, I saw the National guard in the streets of Detroit, I saw looting in the streets and how it effected our communities. I was born in 1963, rode Greyhound and my grandmother demanded we sit in the front of the bus, when busses were being bombed .Most blacks fought back by gaining economic power. Voting does matter, know the laws on the table and the people who represents us will also matter. Stand your ground was voted by all democrats in Florida (fact). Generations do have a responsibility, to be organize and make choices that affect the masses of people, racial profiling is also done when you fill an application out and your asked your ethnicity and race, boycott that the US government take those type of questions be taken off applications. This country, started racism and now must deal with the long term effects it has and will have. 50% of childbirths are multi-racial, growth comes with understanding and making a positive difference for all Darkies. Sending Love of change, to make a better day for ALL.

      P.S. that’s why I have chosen to run in Florida’s 2016 Senate Race…Florida also was a states the Seminole Indians controlled and allowed slaves to escape to for freedom, then the Confederate’s took over Florida.


      1. I never said voting didn’t count, but it didn’t bring about civil rights changes. Again it was the sit in and boycotts that effected not just the wallets of those that opposed Jim Crow, but the economy of the states with those laws.
        How do I propose a state that is already suffering to feed their families? The same way the boycotters did when they lost their jobs, had family members disabled, and incarcerated. Some how they survived, what you think they were all rich folks? Everyone wasn’t able to carpool and everyone isn’t going to get fired if there’s a mass boycott in FL.
        There are alternatives to buying FL produced products even in Florida. You can get California OJ, you can eat at McDonald’s instead of Burger King, You can buy clothes from JC Penny’s vs Stein Mart..
        Can you pls name one civil rights victory that was one without boycotts? Please educate me.


    1. tesspowell, knowing laws and what they represent change laws, practices are what we allow in this country. We practice capitalism, what this country was built upon. King organized a boycott, it was successful because it took MONEY directly from the source.


  2. “King organized a boycott, it was successful because it took MONEY directly from the source.” Thtat source was the economy of those states. What source are you talking about the economy? Then why are you against the boycott Florida effort?


    1. Tesspowell, I want change in this country, I will support the boycott if we Allow everyone in the United States to boycott Florida not just tourism; Florida ranks second in the value of vegetable production; Florida ranks first in cash receipts for oranges, grapefruit, fresh snap beans, sweet corn, watermelons, fresh cucumbers, squash and sugarcane; Florida ranks second in the production of greenhouse and nursery products; Florida accounts for 65 percent of total U.S. citrus production; Nationally, Florida ranks 11th in beef cows; Florida ranks seventh in agricultural exports with $3.1 billion; Florida is the world leader in phosphate rock production, annually producing 65 percent of the U.S. supply and 10 percent of the world supply. You gave me a different outlook, our young people are hungry for change and feed up. I WILL SUPPORT THE CAUSE, you see what I don’t see. Tell me what I can do?


      1. In the name of Jesus, I’m grateful your heart has been touched. No one wants the destruction of anyone’s livelihood. Yes We want it to be nationwide. Here’s post with a list the whole country can use to boycott the Florida corporations . YOu can skip the introduction cause I know you know all that. http://teesepowell.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/how-to-boycott-florida-from-any-state-list-of-florida-based-corps/ I hope this is helpful. pls let me know.


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