Trayvon Martin Peace Rally

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Thought you might enjoy this. I was concerned when I arrived at this event. Praying, praying , praying, until the Dr. Marcus D. Davidson, Pastor of New Mount Olive Baptist Church spoke on voting, taking a stand without a violent action, reacting with positive energy of “CHANGE”. I must also say, the media in attendance was large in numbers. I think the prayer that was left out, BLACK people learning to treat each other better. The rudeness displayed daily amongst Blacks, is awful scary. We turn our noses up, look each other in the face and will not speak. I find it alarming the number of churches in communities around the world, and the negative attitude of PEOPLE. Trayvon Martin is one of many black boys that have lost their lives to violence. The problem Black America, is Black America being afraid to face it’s own, TRUTH. We have a black on black problem in America, to many secrets and still pointing the finger. It is our responsibility to deal with these issues. BLACK AMERICA has to solve BLACK AMERICA’s problems. Sending love, hope and ACTION’s of CHANGE.

Lateresa Jones

2 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Peace Rally

  1. BuildingHopeBlog, the newest thing I am reading about is the Justice-forTrayvon efforts and I personally believe that Justice-forTrayvon has already been accomplished and is done after Trayvon was shot dead after he attacked a victim while being high on dope and armed with a metal can in his hoodie and using a cement walkway to bash a victim‘s head against the cement until possible harm or death to the victim. Justice is complete for Trayvon, he’s dead and buried. Anyone who disagrees, go to your nearest cement sidewalk and strike your own head against the cement hard enough to cause injury and let us know how many strikes you can endure before you believe that exercise is simply not right or hurtful. Go ahead, get to it!


    1. JanCorey,the conversation of “Justice” should be “Justice” for all people. I wish the conversation would be more geared towards the imbalance of “laws” and people become more accountable for being aware of laws and how they will affect our lives. I believe, the media is doing a job of distracting the underlying issues in America. I believe, George Zimmerman was following Trayvon Martin, he then began beating George Zimmerman’s butt. George Zimmerman then shot him.


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