Detroit-City Pensions GONE

the D

Detroit I DO LOVE YOU. It’s time to accept change. I visit on a regular basis, It scares me every time, not the violence, the thinking of the people. Growth comes with change, we can not think the same way our parents did. “Get a good job”, live in the same house for 30 years, grow old with the community. DO NOT SPEND time on the blame game and allow many business people to enter into the city and take it over, it is a border city, with import/export possibilities. WATER the hottest commodity that Detroit has. Understanding our wonderful Belle Isle is a 982-acre (1.534 sq mi; 397 ha) island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada, managed by the Detroit Recreation Department. It is connected to the rest of Detroit, Michigan by the MacArthur Bridge. It is the largest city-owned island city park in the United States[2] and the third largest island in the Detroit River after Grosse Ile and Fighting Island.

Many people who have worked for years for the City of Detroit, will not see retirement. Restructure your futures, you will only receive 10% of your retirement. This is another example why many will never be able to retire.

Detroit’s Mayors race 2013, be careful NOT to put people in positions with same thought’s of the past, your choices will be seen by the world, it will be no bail out for you. Good Luck Mr. Pugh and the rest of the city council, this was the best thing for Detroit.


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