Zimmerman vs. Martin The Right to bear arms & defend oneself


Killing someone is not hard imo, it’s easier now than it’s ever been. What’s hard, imo, is knowing exactly when and when not to use such a killing-measures.

The comment is harsh, but realistic.

You can’t ‘legally’ kill someone in the course of everyday life.

However, the following scenarios do actually provide scenarios in which it happens:

1) Self defense (and this is not a complete legal analysis); if you are being attacked by someone with clear intent to kill, you have the right to defend yourself. Depending on the situation, you can be prosecuted for using more force than necessary, or not having certainly that your life is truly in danger. Likewise to defend another who is being similarly threatened.

2) In a war, soldiers are given commands to attempt to kill enemy troops as part of a mandated military action, and they cannot be prosecuted individually except for under exceptional circumstances.

3) In states that still use the death penalty, a person can be killed

Zimmerman had so many supporters, THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS & DEFEND HIMSELF. That is what has occurred. We cannot separate the two. Would it be fair to say, it does not matter what color either person is, the right to defends oneself and bear arms is the real underlying issue?

SOULutions to Heal America
Lateresa Jones


2 thoughts on “Zimmerman vs. Martin The Right to bear arms & defend oneself

  1. “Killing someone is not hard imo, …”

    You ought to read “On Killing” by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Killing is in fact something that most humans have great difficulty doing, especially doing face to face at “spitting range.”

    “Would it be fair to say, it does not matter what color either person is, the right to defends oneself and bear arms is the real underlying issue?”

    I don’t think that was the primary issue in the Zimmerman case, although of course people who support the right to keep, bear, and if necessary use arms supported Zimmerman’s right to do so. I support the right of any person, regardless of race to bear arms and use them in lawful self defense.

    In the Zimmerman case a large issue seemed to be the intent of the media to profile Zimmerman as a white unjustly killing a black kid. In other words, racism pure and simple where guilt and innocence is assigned based purely on the color of one’s skin. The media ruled that Zimmerman was white therefore guilty, and Martin was black therefore innocent. My general impression is that a lot of blacks were “played” by the media to be outraged without really looking at the facts.

    I think the jury reached the correct verdict. “Not guilty” doesn’t mean “innocent.” It means the jury could not in good conscience say Zimmerman was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I would have thought the same thing if the color of skins had been reversed in the case and the facts we know were the same.

    There is another case being discussed right now. Don’t remember the name because I guess it hasn’t become nearly as famous. In this case a black woman fired a warning shot at an abusive husband whom she apparently believed was intent on beating her up. She was sentenced to 20 years. I think that sounds like a real miscarriage of justice, at least on the facts that are available.

    That is the case that should be in the news, but the liberal media don’t give a damn what happens to blacks unless it is a white person doing injustice to a black. But black kids can murder each other in Chicago day in and day out and liberals won’t give a damn.



    1. I so do agree with everything you have stated. It saddens me that Black America continues to focus on racial issues as being the primary culprit in our communities. Domestic violence, child abuse, guns outta control, those are issues in the black community we refuse to talk about. Our demise comes from the lack of dealing with our own “truth”. Thank you for commenting, thank-you for communicating your thoughts, This type of dialogue will continue to help us as Americans grow. Abundance of love & peace.
      Building Hope Lateresa Jones


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