Boycott WHO?for what?

Tropicana, owned by PepsiCo, is the world’s leading producer of orange juice.
Since 2000, PepsiCo have donated more than $2m to the Republicans and the Bush Administration. This is more than 80% of all PepsiCo’s political donations.

The then Governor of Florida, America’s largest orange producing state, is Jeb Bush, brother of President GW. Until recently, the US was the world’s largest producer of oranges, but with huge financial input from the US, Brazil has now overtaken America to became the world’s largest orange producer. Brazil and Florida now grow between them nearly 50% of the world’s oranges, 95% of which end up as juice.

I do understand the concept of why you would want to boycott them. That’s not fair to immigrants, employees of these companies. Are you gonna boycott Beyoncé for promoting Pepsi products? NO! you are not. We need to register as many people to vote as possible. The bus system was boycotted because of the way they treated blacks, requiring us pay a full fare and then go to the back of the bus and sometimes, required to get off the bus, give up our seat to a white person. Economically, they were crippled.

The movement must help ALL people grow, and benefit all who are racially profiled, suppressed voting rights. WE MUST MOVE FORWARD, not backwards.

SOULutions to Heal America
Lateresa Jones


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