US Senate – Lawyers making decisions for US


NOTHING GETs solved in the Senate, no Immigration reform, continued repeal for Obama Care, Voters Right Act 1965; sixty attorneys too many. Defense Attorney’s vs. Prosecutors are the perfect examples defense and prosecution, no Judge protecting, our best interest.

Sixty U.S. senators have law degrees. Thirty-eight law schools have graduates serving in the senate

The United States Senate is one of the two chambers of the Congress of the United States, the other being the In the Senate, each state is equally represented by two members; as a result, the total membership of the body is currently 100.

Our system of justice seems to defy the basic belief of innocent until proven guilty. First of all, like most things, the more money you have the better lawyer you can afford, and that often means whether you will get off or not. When being charged with a crime in this country, you should always pay for a Defense attorney, we know the Prosecutor works for the state, his/her job is to put people in jail. All of us have seen theatrics and tricks in the court room on the part of lawyers, performing in front of a jury–rather than the case being decided on the facts. This is the same behavior, displayed in the Senate, No immigration reform, No Obama care, NO DECISIONS that affect us Americans are made, the practices of SENATE because of their occupations, are being used and practiced daily. It scares the “HELL” outta of me that lawyers are making decisions on the Voters Right Act 1965, making decisions on laws that affect our lives. The jury who decides who returns and who does not, US AMERICANS, our VOTES.

Never mind that a person is crippled for life or developed cancer because of corporate greed and misconduct, never mind Americans need healthcare, never mind the small business owner with less than 20 employees need healthcare just as their employees, never mind Student interest rates are rising, to 6.8% and, our students will be in debt the first 15 years as working adults. Never mind laws are not protecting abused children, to often the lawyer working for that company has to get their corporation off the hook. Now the Senator working for their party and not the people have to keep the financial campaign and support. Very often, their job depends upon it. Not often enough do we hold Congress or Senate accountable.

Vote, vote, vote make your voices be heard, register and vote, you want to see “Change” in the judicial system, vote for people that represents YOUR thoughts, beliefs.

Soulutions to Heal America
Lateresa Jones

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