Hernandez & Professional Sports People convicted of Crimes


You can take the Athlete out the hood but you can’t take the Criminal Mind out the Athlete- This list is just NFL Players, these are the people we pay more than our teachers, the people who educates AMERICA. These are people, take the value out of sports and put MORALS back into America.

Michael Bennett cut/retired wire fraud 15 months[1]
Plaxico Burress New York Giants Attempted criminal possession of a weapon 2 years Conviction was a plea bargain for an incident in which Burress accidentally shot himself in a nightclub.[2] Eligible for parole in April 2011;[3] released June 7, 2011.[4]
Billy Cannon Retired Counterfeiting 5 years[5] Served 2½ years. Had been elected to the College Football Hall of Fame before his conviction in 1983, but the Hall rescinded the honor before his scheduled induction. The Hall elected him a second time in 2008 and he was inducted at that time.[5]
Rae Carruth Carolina Panthers conspiracy to commit murder 24 years[6] Projected Release Date October 22, 2018[7]
Cecil Collins Miami Dolphins burglary 15 years[8] Current release date, July 16, 2014[9] May face further imprisonment in Louisiana after release from Florida prison.
Dwayne Goodrich Dallas Cowboys criminally negligent homicide 12½ years [10] Hit and run accident. Eligible for parole in 2009.[11]
Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson retired (from Dallas Cowboys) sexual assault, bribery 4 years, eight months released after serving 28 months[12]
Darryl Henley Los Angeles Rams drug trafficking, attempted conspiracy to commit murder 41 years[13] expected release date: March 28, 2031[14]
Travis Henry Free agent, recently released from Denver Broncos Drug trafficking 3 years[15] served two years and five months[16]
Terry “Tank” Johnson Chicago Bears probation violation relating to weapons possession 120 days served 60 days[17]
Ryan Leaf retired burglary, drug possession 5 years, also faces parole revocation on earlier drug possession conviction.[18] Ryan Leaf Inmate Page at Montana Department of Corrections website
Jamal Lewis Baltimore Ravens using a cell phone to facilitate a drug deal four months served four months[19]
Leonard Little St. Louis Rams involuntary manslaughter three months[20] involved in fatal car crash while intoxicated.
Dexter Manley Washington Redskins drug possession, evidence tampering 4 years (1996) 2 years (2002) served over three years total[21]
Dave Meggett retired (Giants, Patriots and Jets) criminal sexual conduct and burglary 30 years previously convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery [22]
Byron “Bam” Morris Kansas City Chiefs drug trafficking 30 months released after serving two and a half years[23]
Eugene “Mercury” Morris retired from Miami Dolphins drug trafficking 20 years Served 3 years. released early after a plea agreement in which he pled no contest to felony drug trafficking charges[24]
Eric Naposki retired/cut first-degree murder life in prison without the possibility of parole[25]
Nate Newton retired from Dallas Cowboys drug trafficking 7½ years (two separate convictions)[26] released after serving about two and a half years[27]
Lawrence Phillips released/retired assault, separate incident of assault with a deadly weapon (intentionally driving into victims) 31 years total previously sentenced to 10 years on driving charge, which was reduced to seven years during sentencing for assault charge against his girlfriend in 2009.[28]
Robert Rozier (a.k.a. Robert Rameses) retired from St. Louis Cardinals[29] multiple murders multiple convicted of four murders, served 10 years and placed in witness protection after testifying against Yahweh Ben Yahweh, later sentenced to 25 to life on check kiting charge under three strikes rule[30]
Art Schlichter Indianapolis Colts 1997 – forgery, theft 16 years[31] committed over 20 felonies related to gambling, released from prison in June 2006[32]
2012 – fraud, theft 10 years, 7 months[33] 7 months were related to his probation from an earlier conviction.[34]
Orenthal “O. J.” Simpson retired robbery, kidnapping nine to thirty-three years [35]
See also O. J. Simpson robbery case.
Alonzo Spellman retired/cut (from Chicago Bears) interference with a flight crew, simple assault[36] 18 months served one year
Donte Stallworth Cleveland Browns DUI Manslaughter (Driving under the influence of alcohol) 30 Days incarceration, 2 years house arrest [37]
Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons conspiracy, related to dog fighting[38] 23 months[39] See also Bad News Kennels dog fighting investigation.
Nate Webster cut/retired unlawful sexual conduct with a minor 12 years[40]
Stanley Wilson Sr. retired from Cincinnati Bengals burglary 22 years sentence was under a third strike provision [41]
Keith Wright cut/retired multiple charges including sexual assault, armed robbery, kidnapping and burglary 114 years to life, plus 120 years[42] series of home invasion robberies and assaults

SOULutions to HEAL America
Lateresa Jones


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