Good-bye MIA and HELLO Louisiana
Carnival Cruise Lines to Deploy Newer, Larger Cruise Ships to New Orleans

The condition of the Florida economy is sad. Not only are they struggling to keep businesses in the state of “tourism” they are struggling to maintain racial balance. Trayvonn Martin is going to be the tip of the iceberg for the state that seeks, jobs, fairness, equality, voters rights and immigration reform and women’s rights. With such a diverse population Florida is becoming the ghetto for immigrants. “NO” Immigration reform is dangerous for this state, the increased number of Hispanic/Islanders entering into the US daily awaiting immigration reform to allow them to stay. The mere thought of freedom is worth to many the opportunity of “taking a chance” the US will allow many to pay to stay. Marco Rubio this is dangerous ground you are standing on your state is out of control.

To say the least, Carnival Lines will bring jobs to the many in New Orleans that fled after hurricane Katrina allowing families to “go back home” and obtain jobs. Carnival will accommodate the many consumers located in Mid-western US in booming “Texas” the opportunity to vacation on the Gulf.

The Port of New Orleans is at the center of the world’s busiest port complex – Louisiana’s Lower Mississippi River. Its proximity to the American Midwest via a 14,500-mile inland waterway system, six Class One railroads and the interstate highway system makes New Orleans the port of choice for the movement of cargoes such as steel, rubber, coffee, containers and manufactured goods.

SOULutions to Heal America
Lateresa Jones


4 thoughts on “FLORIDA-Crying BROKE

  1. The fact the state of Florida continues to waste tax-payers dollars is exemplified by the recent cases against Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. What a wast of money.


    1. Jan yes Florida does waste money. Did you know in Broward County 22% of the adult population reads at the lowest literacy level?29% of the population of Broward County speaks a language other than English at home? My concern MIA International airport hires non-English speaking workers!


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