Rachel Jeantel-CAN’t READ or WRITE CURSIVE?



Rachel Jeantel a 19 year old high school senior who can not read or write cursive. It should be alarming that the Florida school districts are passing students that can not read or write cursive. Two months before the start of the next legislative session, new Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Republican lawmakers have been handed a gift in their bid to continue an aggressive makeover of state schools: a Top 5 ranking for those schools from a credible, independent, closely watched source.
Florida’s education system is No. 5 in the country, according to the latest annual “Quality Counts” report, released January 10,2011 by Education Week, the newspaper of record for American education news.

Yes, you read that right: No. 5 in the country. In fact, it’s up from No. 8 last year and No. 11 the year before. And now in the same rarified air as school systems in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts and Virginia.

How are the schools being rated? Rachel Jeantel is a product of the Florida school system and this is alarming!

This young lady is testifying in a criminal trial she is a teenager, they all have attitudes, don’t want to deal with parents less alone deal with a court system in her community, she has been raised to believe, the police, courts and law are the enemy. AMERICA we must change the thinking of “HOW ARE YOUTH” feel about the law.

SOULutions to Heal the SOUL
Lateresa Jones


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