Aaron Hernandez SET-UP


Professional HIT. One to the head

It is not easy to leave a gang, for several reasons. A person wishing to leave a gang may have to en­dure the “Jump-Out” ritual, which is similar to the “Jump-In” rite of initiation where the person must fight several gang members at once. Yet the chal­lenges faced by a person who wants to leave a gang aren’t limited to tests of physical endurance. Leaving a gang means losing all the protection that was provided while being a member without los­ing one’s former enemies. In addition, the person must find a way to successfully re-integrate into mainstream society and support himself/herself. If a former gang member is a well PAID (rich) person, to depart the underworld would be very difficult. Threatening family members, the threat of publicly telling people about your past criminal activity this this happens when your financial status changes people from the past with dirty information about you could affect your future.

Lateresa Jones

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