Stafford LOANS?WTF

eye world

This is NONSENSE. You put us real Americans who make this country go in the position of uncertainty on a regular basis. Those of us that have several children in college are concerned they will be in debt for generations if our so-called government does not act. The practices of this current government is unreasonable for AMERICANs. The people that work jobs paying less than 100k per year. You know those that invested in 401k’s and lost our children’s college funds, lost our retirement funds and will NEVER be able to recoup the monies lost, we don’t have a choice in helping to educate our children if we want them to have the tools to succeed. To many of you politicians have lost prospective of the American peoples needs and putting personal hidden agendas on the table. The consequences will be great for republicans and tea-partiers if they continue to throw AMERICANS in the fire. NO RE-ELECTION!

SOULutions to HEAL America
Lateresa Jones


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