George Zimmerman last of JIM CROW


Jim Crow law
noun U.S. History .
any state law discriminating against black persons.
1890–95, Americanism

Racism is AMERICA’s disease. It started in this country with the mis-education of BLACKs in history. America mistreated the Negroes because of our black skin tones. You taught every nation in the world that the color white was superior to any color that existed. The hate has been impeded in many generations of people thinking they are a better race. Reality, this country is Black & White. George you will be the example of how Americans feel about Jim Crow, a hidden hate.

SOULutions for America to Heal
Lateresa Jones


3 thoughts on “George Zimmerman last of JIM CROW

  1. Who knows? Maybe this trial will lead to a National-Shoot-A-Hoodie-Day where there will be no prosecution to any shooter of a hoodie if the shooter can prove they had any fear of the hood-ster. That would be fantastic and the result will make more bed-space for other criminals like Trayvon Martin and Travis Alexander, you know, those types of criminals. Fortunately, both Trayvon and Travis have both received Justice for their crimes. Now, it’s time to go after the parents of those drug-heads and pedophiles. Make good use of the available jail/prison space.


    1. Yes Trayvon Martin and Travis Alexander have seen their judgment day. So many laws still need to be addressed in this country that will open up jail/prison space for criminals. Mental illness facilities should also be re-opened to accommodate the needs of the many. Thanks for reading Jan.


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