Ed Snowden & Angela Davis MOST WANTED

ed snowdenangela davis

Ed Snowden, we know he is on the run. We know Angela Davis is on the most wanted list of the United States. Russia wants Ed Snowden OUT and so does the United States. Cuba on the other hand would be a perfect resting place for Ed Snowden Cuba has nothing to gain or lose. The logic, Angela Davis resides in Cuba since she has been on the run CUBA would be the perfect place for Ed Snowden, he can hook-up with Angela Davis and discuss the consequences of living in CUBA. ED Snowden and Angela Davis will be the grandest defectors of our history. It is amazing how AMERICANS want NSA transparency at the cost of American lives. America, choose your battles wisely, stop allowing TEA partiers to mislead our actions that protect us AMERICANS. THINK!!!!

SOULutions to Heal America
Lateresa Jones


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