Abortions the debate continues to go on for several reasons, Christians feel they have the right to MAKE women do what they feel is right. How about you let GOD do the job? Life was given to each and everyone of us, those that are chosen to be BORN American citizens have the right of choice. We choose how to live, where to live, who to love and who to serve as a creator. Abortions are OUR choices as women. Abortions have been used as a birth control tool. Being a victim of RAPE and pregnant several times by my rapist as a young female my life would have been destroyed if I birthed children out of the rape,Generations of children who I HATED because I hated myself. The experience was mentally disturbing and took a life time to conquer. If I had experienced a back alley physicians who would do any type of abortion if you can afford to PAY as we have seen, many lives would be lost. That’s reality, FORCED CONCEPTION is what your practicing, increased child abuse and neglect more children being born out of wedlock and the opportunity to open the door to the black market of abortions. People can obtain the day after pill as young as 14 years old. Another distraction of ridiculousness.

SOULutions to Heal America
Lateresa Jones


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