Immigration-America needs to take care of Americans 1st

How in the world can you make it OK for someone to break the law, enter into the United States work with no documentation some with documentation (illegally) and say we will forgive you. How about the Americans in jails that have broken laws and the laws have been over turned and are still in jail like Richard Wershe of Detroit, Michigan. America you need to fix-it. To validate it’s ok to be in this country illegally and absorb benefits of Americans (healthcare, welfare, food stamps)then say, “we will forgive you” it’s ok. NO! Laws are in place to protect the people of this country, if the government can break them to console 11 million criminals, you need to go through every case in the court system NOW and release every inmate that is still incarcerated for breaking the law and the law has since been changed and free the people. FAIR IS FAIR, be fair to Americans first, the people that have earned their rights to be called US CITIZENS.

SOULutions for the Healing America
Lateresa Jones
Future Politician

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