Human Trafficking-Keiosha Felix

3688_291912817590235_1587530605_n Louisiana has a serious issue of human trafficking along with other states off Interstate Highway 10 from Jacksonville to California. Keiosha Felix still in the dungeon of “Darkness”. What will you tell my daughter about me?You will become an actress or actor. You will tell her all the things you want her to know in a perfect society. You will tell her I was a great person? Happy all the time. Will you tell her all the things I would want for her? When you discipline her you will tell her I would not approve of your actions, or the state will choose who raises my daughter. Will they be as neglectful with her, as they were with me? You will use my image in vain for the benefit of making yourself feel better, this is another child, parentless in the same abusive, neglectful system that pays people to put up with our issues, to house us. Who will speak up for my daughter and others like ME? Will my daughter know who here father is? Or will you continue to leave her birth certificate blank? Will someone demand a DNA to help identify who my daughters father is? And justify who my rapist is. Or will the cycle of abuse, rape, lies, neglect continue with my daughters upbringing? I beg you, search for me. I want to teach my daughter, morals and values, teach her and show her unconditional love. Love her more than my own life. I want to be the one raising her, protecting her, keeping her from all the people who hurt me. Some of those people that say they love me and want me home, are also the people that wish you all would go away, so they can continue to keep the secrets of the past with no justice for my name sake. Those are the people hoping you will stop looking into my life, they want you to stop looking into their lives, I continue to SCREAM, HELP ME! what if I was your daughter and my daughter your grandbaby would you allow the thought of me to diminish? I will disappear if you turn the other cheek, close your eyes, put back on those rose colored glasses doing nothing will continue to SILENCE ME, as the criminals have. Take care of my daughter as if she was YOURS until you find me.

SOULutions to Heal AMERICA
Lateresa Jones


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