Dying to Soon-NO SUCH THING

foolWhen we look at great people, Whitney Houston, Patrick Swayze, Luther Vandross and James Gandolfini who has transitioned in life. We must look at the purpose they served in their life-time. Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross bought music to the world that was/is so wonderful to our SOULS. Patrick Swayze and James Gandolfini wonderful actors that made you feel a part of the movie. If you believe in a creator greater than US, you must realize we are put on this earth to serve a purpose. All of the above served the purpose the creator put them here for. The greatest gift is to serve the purpose you are put on the earth to do and allow the world to benefit from the gift. As the cliché goes, “It is better to have seen and heard, than not to”. We all are guaranteed to die one day, how we die, I don’t know if we choose it or our live styles choose how we die. We must DIE. Choose to do great things, when it’s over, it’s over let’s leave great memories as Whitney, Patrick, Luther and James.

SOULutions for healing America
Lateresa Jones


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