College $$$ and Parent thoughts

Our 2 sons entered college 4 years ago, we lost most of the college fund when the market crashed in 2008.  Attending college was never an option for our children.  We are an extended family having 2 young men entering college the same time. We had no back-up for the preparing us for college nor the boys.  I sold my car to pay the fees needed for the boys to enter college.  It is my DUTY to tell parents what to really expect.  College is now a 5 years, when they change their study of degree, they will then loose credits and must obtain more credits for the field they are entering.  YOU must have your student sign a FR-EPA , the form which gives the parent authorization to contact the college regarding your students grades or any information regarding your student.  If this form isn’t signed, you CAN NOT and WILL NOT be able to check-up on your student.  The first year of your students college studies, support them, call them, show-up and visit the college, they need us more than ever, care packages are wonderful, send these on a regular basis, they need our support.  Ask them how things are going, at this time in life your crossing over to being an extended shoulder for them to lean on(sometimes they are embarrassed to tell the truth, failing grades)  Be understanding, don’t hesitate to contact the financial aid department, student advisors, Dean of the school, stay involved, if they are falling down, it is important you help them up, these fall downs become very expensive.  Keep your students financial aid on speed dial.  I have found parents aren’t aware a school has the right to deny fasfa.  I call this ECONOMIC PROFILING.  The schools can reject fasfa monies that could put many families in a $$$$crunch.  Orientations are emotional roller coasters, they excite the entire family  your child is about to enter college you should be proud, get ready to spend $$$$.  Ask questions parents.  Protect your investment.  It pisses me off, the crash of 2008 wiped most of our retirements out, college funds out, restructured our housing, now we deal with the SENATE playing with our lives like a ping pong ball.  VOTE  “YES “on the President Obama’s bill that will help us control the cost of paying back student loans.  Our greatest fears as Americans, we can no longer retire as planned, we must help our kids pay off student loans.  You have taken care of Corporate America to help rebuild them after the 2008 crash, it’s time to take care of AMERICANs and continue to rebuild US!

SOULutions to heal AMERICANS

Lateresa Jones



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