37×55 million=2.035billion Obamacare Repeal

flagHrepublican men

GOP ~Government Opposition Party diversions
Washington Diversions need to STOP NOW!

Washington politics has become the “Wild, WILD West”. You continue to put up diversions that distract from issues that deal with “WE the People”. Every issue that needs to be addressed in America sits at your table, you are choosing to continue to put more food on your plate and not eat the food you already have. In return we the American people are starving. The rule “Everybody gotta EAT” as always at the dinner table, GREED has a seat and wants to take all the food and not equally share so everyone can eat. Our families are suffering because we voted for successful people to make decisions that will lift our country up. We have learned when a VOTE IS PURCHASED, the responsibility given is devalued, It was NOT Earned.

Obama-care is LAW, you don’t care because you have health benefits, wasting tax payers money, who is accountable? Washingon Politicians you have spent 2.35 Billion dollar to repeal a Law “WE the People” voted for.

RAPE in the Military, It is rapid, YOU Don’t Care about women or children in this country, your votes speak loud and clear

Student Loans, Paying interest rates that are the same rates the banks pay to borrow the money will make it affordable for MAJORITY to pay those loans

SOULutions to Heal America’s SOUL
Lateresa Jones
Inspiring Congress Woman

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