Serial Bully, Ariel Castro,

America IN DENIAL; HOW TO PROTECT children , parents
Children across the country are engaging in acts of violence against other kids, siblings, parents the list goes on. LAWS are sending mixed messages to society.

14-year-old girl in Jacksonville, Florida is not fit for any of the schools in that county
Judge kicks the 14-year-old out of entire public school district. Ridicules! The MESSAGE beat down as many of your peers that you would like because they anger you, beat them down like your dad or mom beats you down, beat them down like your rapist beat you down before raping you, beat them down like you see the realty tv people do each other, beat anyone you like down anytime you would like and no one will be held accountable for your actions as long as you’re a teenager. Beat them down like you beat your mother, father, siblings down. You will not be charged with aggravated assault, you will not be charged with disorderly conduct, No-one will evaluate your mental stability, no-one will care as long as the buck has been passed, the county or city or public school system just don’t want to pay for the damages you create and cannot PAY. This behavior started in this young womans life and others boys or girls alike that Bullying has been learned behavior and the denial of brain development in children and adults. Her parents knew, the school knew this girl had developmental issues, anger issues and refused to address them. The judicial system along with education department also refused to address this girls anger issue and not only has the buck been passed, you as a society continue to pass it. Society has to stop and deal with these inner issues of anger, abuse that parents have contributed it is displayed thru our children.

Senate Bill 491 would allow teens to bypass their parents when seeking help for mental health issues, which can arise from conflicts with their parents. I agree with this, when parents are a large percentage of abusers in this country, the behavior represented will have no rationing skills of the teen seeking help. Parents that are in denial of their own mental health issues are not going to be fair to allowing their children to seek counseling. Allowing youth to seek help will allow many victims of abuse to have someone to reach out to for help. Young Adults will have a legal paper trail created, and able to validate their own mental illness.

Teens, Plan B Drug — Selling the morning-after birth control pill right next to condoms, even if limited to buyers 15 or older, marks a big societal shift in the long battle over women’s reproductive rights. Backed into a corner by a federal court, the Obama administration is considering how to proceed after what looked like a stab at compromise just made both sides madder. Mad is not an option! Youth are having sex, as they always have over the years. You allow them to be entertained by Lindsay Lohans,Jodi Arias, athletes, models, tv, Xbox, internet porn, some of you exploit your own children, Reality shows (NO MORALS) teen moms that strip, the list goes on, now you want to say, “Do as I say, NOT AS I DO!

The politically volatile debate reflects a pill of denial for parents,voters, the president, Democrats, Republicans everyone that involves making a decision that affects our future, our children. It’s said, I can provide a statistic of the number of teenagers who are raped:44% of victims are under age 18; statistics regarding teenagers and how many choose to have consentual sex, close to none. So how easily should they be able to get a pill that prevents pregnancy if taken soon enough after sex? The word sex is consentual, DO NOT LEAVE OUT VICTIMS OF RAPE. Ariel Castro, and other rapist like him that kidnap young men or women will also have access to these type of pills, this would allow RAPIST and abusers to

Food and Drug Administration made it a little easier, saying anyone 15 or older could begin buying one brand, Plan B One-Step, without a prescription — two years younger than the current age limit of 17 — and that the pill no longer has to be locked behind pharmacy counters. The Food and Drug Administrations job is to test and tell us what is safe. We need to redirect the power we are giving divisions of government. That is ridiculous, opening the door for more Ariel Castro’s, they are out here and they are your neighbors, friends, relatives, even spouses.

This bill could work if the guidelines are well-defined, age limits in place; stipulations 1. If the youth has been raped they seek medical attention have a rape test completed at a hospital, clinic or Physicians office. 2. Obtain a letter from a physician or nurse stating they have discussed the risk of the pill and consequences of the pill and the long-term effects of the pill and side effects of the pill if abusively used. It concerns me the mental capacity of a 15-year-old and making the decision to use this pill as a form of birth control. The pill should not be the first option for our youth that choose to have sex, but an alternative.

A bill that will sever the parental rights of a rapist if a child is conceived as a result of the attack, passed the House on Tuesday by a vote of 115-0. The bill (SB 964), sponsored by Sen. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington,Florida is now headed to Gov. Rick Scott.
Current law allows for the court to terminate a parent’s right if the termination is in the best interest of the child but does not include rape as grounds for termination of parental rights. This is the exact BULLSHIT that protects

Rep. Dave Kerner, D-Lake Worth, sponsor of the House companion bill, said that “it’s important to bring our laws into conformity with the 21st century.” But “the fact that we would allow a father, a rapist, to petition the court for parental rights, and that court would not have the authority to not grant the petition under our current statutory law is deplorable quite frankly.

OK America, it’s time to regroup our thinking and change laws! We put people in office that waste time and kill many futures due to the lack of responsibility and commitment to “US the People. The people we choose must mentally be capable of making a decision that effects AMERICANs on a realistic level. We do Not want anymore, REALTY SHOW PERFORMING POLITICS.

SOULutions for Healing the SOUL
Lateresa Jones


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